• Garlico Marlborough Ltd

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Robert Harrison-Jones
    PHONE: 03 572 9306
    BUSINESS: Garlic Growers

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: Garlico.nz

  • Responsive Website Creation

    LAUNCHED: 13/10/2018

  • Post Launch Report

    Shortly after launching Garlico's new website, we logged into their Google Webmaster account to submit the website's sitemap and to invite the Googlebots to visit the newly launched website by using the "Fetch as Google" tool provided in the webmaster account.

    In less than a minute, the pages of the new website were in Google's index! It usually takes a bit longer for the images to get added to the index. The image below shows that most of them had been indexed by the time I checked a few hours later.

  • Garlico Marlborough Ltd had never had a website before now. So, the results shown below are remarkable but NOT unusual with the local business websites we build. Within less than 24 hours of going live, the brand new website was ranking prominently on Google for both local and regional keywords!

    It's been about three and a half months since we launched Garlico's new website. The screenshot below shows the local Google rankings of the 15 keywords we've been monitoring. 12 of them are now on page 1 of Google with 6 of these in the top 3 positions.