• Murf’s Metalworx

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Chris Murphy
    PHONE: 03 577 5006
    BUSINESS: Automotive Customisation

  • PROJECT: Website Creation
    WEBSITE: MurfsMetalworx.nz

  • Project Background

    In mid-2014, Chris Murphy (aka Murfs) took over ownership of Custom Collision. Being a member of the generation that has grown up with the Internet, Murfs understood the value of using the Internet to advertise his new business. He started a Facebook page for his new business to connect with family, friends, and clients.

    On the recommendation of Chris Jones of The Glassman 2014 Ltd, we contacted Murfs to share with him what we had been doing for his friend - the Glassman, and to see if he (Murfs) would like us to help him out as well. Murfs readily agreed to meet with us.

    By the time we connected with him, the business had undergone some rebranding - from Custom Collision to Murf's Metalworx. They had a new logo and a new colour scheme for the business.

    During the face-to-face presentation, Murfs loved what he saw and heard! So, it came as no surprise that he was eager to get started. He was interested in a website and registration of the .CO.NZ and the .NZ domain names for his business.

  • New WordPress Website Design

    During the first half of October, our design team got started on Murfs website. Around the same time, we also registered the desired domain names on Murfs' behalf.

    The initial website design was ready for feedback in a couple weeks. Murfs was very happy with it. Now we just needed to add content and the site would be ready for launch.

    The content phase took a little longer than initially projected as we needed to do additional research to supplement the information which Murfs had given us. Then we put our copywriters to work on creating the relevant pages for the website.

    Finally the new WordPress website was ready for launch and it went live in the second week of December, 2015.

  • Post Launch Report

    Within the first week after the launch, Google had begun to index the site's webpages. Since then, all the site's pages and images have been indexed and are showing up on the first page of search results for relevant keywords.

    It's now been about 6 months since Murfs' website went live and its rankings have only gotten better with time!

    Murfs provides a very specialised services called Rifle Accurizing. In local search results for Blenheim or Marlborough, Murfs' website currently holds the top 7 positions on page 1 of Google. While in a nationwide search, Murfs' website is sitting in position #2.

    For a variety of search terms relevant to his other welding services, you can find Murfs' website on the first page of Google, often in one or more of the top 5 positions!