• Blenheim Dive Centre

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Bryan or Jen Bailey
    PHONE: 03 578 0331
    BUSINESS: Dive Training & Store

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: BlenheimDiveCentre.nz

  • Project Background

    We were introduced to Blenheim Dive Centre by one of our clients. The owners, Bryan and Jennifer, were enthusiastic to discuss the possibility of us creating a website for their business.

    They had a good understanding of the requirements of a live website (i.e. domain, hosting, and design) because they had own a website at some point in the past. However, they both expressed that their old website "did absolutely nothing" for their business.

    During the initial meeting, Alla showed the results that our clients are getting in Google search and discussed the impact this was having on these clients' businesses. This is exactly what Bryan and Jen were looking to achieve with their own website.

    So, they commissioned us to create a Marketing Website for their business.

    Though Blenheim Dive Centre has a storefront where they sell a wide range of dive equipment and clothing, Bryan and Jennifer did NOT want an e-commerce website. They simply wanted to be able to showcase the large variety of products they had in stock to bring more customers into their store.

    Another major desire for this website was to present the diving courses that are offered via Blenheim Dive Centre.

  • Responsive Website Creation

    This project began on 15th September, 2016.

    Bryan and Jen did a great job of providing us with necessary and relevant info for their website. Our initial focus was on creating the product pages as this would be the most time-consuming and research-intensive part of this project. The first draft was ready to show within a couple weeks of getting started.

    Following this meeting, Bryan and Jen had a better sense of what type of info was needed to make their website a valuable resource for their customers and web visitors.

    Next, we turned our attention to creating and adding content to the other pages of the website. A few weeks later, the website was ready for launch. Alla met with Bryan and Jen for a pre-launch session to go over the website one more time before we launched.

    Blenheim Dive Centre's new website went live on 2nd November 2016!

  • Post Launch Report

    Prior to launching the website, we did a check in Google Search Results for about 20 relevant keywords and the domain name was NOT showing up anywhere.

    Following the launch of the website, we went through our usual post-launch which included submitting the XML sitemap to Google and performing a Fetch as Google so that Google would start to index the website.

    At first, everything seemed to be going according to expectations:

    • about 2 minutes after Fetch as Google, the homepage was indexed and it was ranking for 3 of our 20 keywords.
    • 3 hours later, we checked again and found the website ranking for 12 of the 20 keywords.

    When we checked to see how many of the website's pages had been indexed by Google, we saw 10 of them. But, we also noticed a couple URLs that did NOT belong there.

    Take a look at the image below and then I'll explain further.

  • Now, the client had purchased their domain name at a domain registrar called Domainz. As is customary at most domain registrars, a parking page was automatically generated for the domain name as explained here.

    Unfortunately, there is an underlying problem with the way these parked pages are set up at some registrars which causes problems when a website is connected to that domain name.

    The image above shows a couple extra pages were left over from the parked pages that were automatically generated by Domainz.

    As we continued to monitor the situation with the website's pages, we started to notice that pages that had initially been indexed following our post-launch process were beginning to drop off until we were left with what you see in the above image. So, the homepage was the only real page in Google's index for this website.

    Despite this, it should be noted that the website (i.e. just the homepage at this time) was ranking for 17 of the 20 keywords - none on page 1 YET! Some were sitting on page 2 and page 3.

    About 3 days after the initial launch, we decided to repeat the Fetch as Google process but that didn't seem to have any effect.

    At this point, it seemed like there wasn't much we could do but wait for Google to use the submitted sitemap and re-crawl the website at its convenience.

    However, we were not content to just sit idly by. After another 3 days of no improvement, we decided to try Fetching each page individually instead. This worked! Within minutes, all the pages had been indexed. This time they were not falling off like before, ...they stayed in the index. It took another week or so before the majority of images began appearing (and staying) in Google's image index.

    Since then, the website has been moving up the ranks in Google's search results. Today is 23 days post-launch, the website is now on page 1 for at least 25 local keywords. It is also doing very well in Google Image Search.


    3-MONTH UPDATE: the website is holding steady on page #1 of Google for the 25 keywords we are monitoring. For 95% of these, it is sitting in one or more of the top 5 positions.