• Fat Cod Backpackers

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Rachelle & Peter
    PHONE: 03 573 77 88
    BUSINESS: Hostel Accommodation

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    TYPE: INTRO+1 Biz
    WEBSITE: FatCodBackpackers.co.nz

  • Project Background


  • Responsive Website Creation


    Launched 17th January 2019

  • Post Launch Report

    Following the launch of the website, we proceeded to perform our usual post-launch steps that are geared towards getting Google and other search engines to update their index. We submitted a new sitemap for the website and requested indexing of each webpage via the Fetch as Google feature in the Google Webmasters account.

    The screenshot below shows the Google rankings for a number of local keywords we've been monitoring. The column labelled FIRST represents the position of each keyword the very first time we checked the rankings. N/A means that the keyword could not be found in Google search results.

    The column labelled LATEST represents the position of each keyword as of 27th January 2019. In most cases, the website has moved up the search rankings in the 10 days since it was launched. Currently, it is on the first page of Google for 13 of the 18 keywords we've been monitoring.

  • 3-Month Update

    The 17th April 2019 marked 3 months since we launched the redesigned website for Fat Cod Backpackers in Picton. On the screenshot below, you'll see the improvement in search rankings that our client's website has experienced during this time.

    For 6 of keywords we've been tracking, the website has moved up to page 1 from pages 2, 3, and 5. There are even a couple keywords for which it is in one or more of the coveted top 3 positions of Google's first page!