• iBeFound Digital Marketing

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Alla Kiroshka
    PHONE: 021 227 9922
    BUSINESS: Website Design & Marketing

  • PROJECT: Website Design
    TYPE: Standard Biz
    WEBSITE: iBeFound.nz

  • Project Background

    Towards the end of August 2015, we realised that our main website (iBeFound.com) was no longer the place to house our growing Website Design & Online Marketing Division. That website's original purpose was to be a directory platform for local businesses and self-employed professional service providers.

    However, we soon turned our focus to filling the need for other quality web services. We started by offering Custom Mini-Websites built on our directory platform. This was sufficient for some clients but others wanted a full-fledged website. So, we began to offer that as well.

    As our clientele and our portfolio grew, we wanted to be able to showcase our work. Our main website was not the right forum for that purpose. So, we started making plans for a Marketing Website specific to our web works division.

  • Creation of New Marketing Website

    Because our hands were filled with client projects, the work on our own website had to revolve around that.