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  • WordPress.COM vs. WordPress.ORG (2018) – A True APPLES-to-APPLES Comparison

    If you are a small business owner thinking about using WordPress for your business website, then this article is for YOU! While affiliate marketers, network marketers, casual bloggers, and professional bloggers may benefit from the information presented herein, it was NOT written with them in mind.[...]

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    Wix vs. WordPress (2018) – the First and Only True APPLES-to-APPLES Comparison

    Most of the comparison articles on the topic of WordPress vs. Wix are APPLES-to-ORANGES comparisons as they compare a SELF-HOSTED website solution with a HOSTED one. As a result, people who make a decision based on such articles are NOT making a truly informed decision!The purpose of this article is[...]

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    How & Why to Determine if YOU are the Legal Owner of the Domain Name YOU Paid For

    Strictly speaking, no one "owns" a domain name. When someone registers a domain name they are licensed to use that domain for as long as they continue to pay the licence fee. So, while ownership is NOT an accurate term to use in relation to domain names, it is nevertheless more easily expressed and [...]

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