• Marketing Website Payment Options

  • To make it financially and emotionally easier for you to pay for your desired Marketing Website, we offer the following payment options and methods.

  • In-Advance

    This payment option is usually chosen by business owners who are already confident in our abilities primarily because they've been referred to us by one of our many satisfied clients or because they are aware of our positive reputation.

    If you choose to pay in advance, you'll be eligible for a 20% discount on the website creation costs.

  • 3-Way Split

    This option is chosen by business owners who may have the ability (and desire) to pay in full but want a bit of peace of mind that comes from seeing the work progressing.

    The website creation costs are split into 3 payments of 50% - 25% - 25% with the initial 50% due prior to the start of the project. The 2nd and 3rd payments are due later on with a few weeks between each.

  • Spread Payments

    This installment plan is preferred by many of our clients as it allows them to spread the cost of a professionally designed custom Marketing Website over a longer period of time.

    You get to use the website as your own while you pay off the creation costs.

    PLEASE NOTE: as is typical with installment plans, there is an interest charge.

  • Associated Payment Methods

    Credit CardDebit CardBank Transfer
    In-Advance Payment
    3-Way Split Payment
    Spread Payments
  • Credit Card & Debit Card processing via Stripe

    Our preferred payment processor is Stripe, and we use it for all of our automated transactions.

    ALL recurring payments are processed AUTOMATICALLY via Stripe which accepts VISA and Mastercard credit / debit cards. This applies to 3-Way Split payments. We will provide you with a payment link for you to enter your card details to complete the transaction.


    • When a Recurring Transaction Declines:

      Stripe will automatically attempt to process a recurring transaction on the due date as per the term, frequency and state of the subscription plan.
      If on the first attempt the customer card declines, an email notification is sent to the customer (cardholder) as well as you (the merchant).
      The same transaction is retried the following day. If the transaction declines again, a second notification is sent to the cardholder as well as the merchant.
      On the third and final day, if the transaction still declines, then the subscription is suspended and both cardholder and merchant is notified.

    • When Your Card Expires:

      About a month prior to the expiration of the card, an email notification is sent to the cardholder asking them to update their credit card information through the secure Stripe portal.
      If the card expiry date is not updated then the same notification is sent twice more. Once 7 days prior and then 3 days prior to the subscription renewal/next billing date.
      If the transaction is declined due to an expired credit card, the same process as outlined above is followed.

    • Suspension of Recurring Payment Plans

      In the event a recurring payment plan is suspended due to continual declined transactions or action taken by the merchant, the only way to resume it is if the cardholder resumes the subscription from within the Stripe portal.
      If the suspended subscription plan was a fixed term plan, then before a suspension is revoked, the cardholder needs to pay all outstanding charges owing on the subscription plan when they click on the “resume subscription” button.