• Four Peaks Motel

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Sandra Mounce
    PHONE: 03 693 8339
    BUSINESS: Motel Accommodation

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    TYPE: 1PAGE Biz
    WEBSITE: FourPeaksMotel.co.nz

  • Project Background


  • Responsive Website Creation


    Website was launched on Friday 14th June, 2019.

  • Post Launch Report

    Often, just prior to launching a new website, we set up rank tracking and check to see what are the current search results in Google for a selection of localised keywords. Then after we launch the new website, we can monitor the movements in ranking.

    Once the new website was launched, we went through our usual post-launch process. This included adding/verifying the domain's 4 web properties to the Google Search Console and submitting the new webpage/s via the URL Inspection Tool.

    This last part involves a request to Google index the new webpage/s so that they can start to rank in search results.

  • Before Launch of New Website

    The screenshot below shows the Google rankings for our chosen localised keywords BEFORE the new website was launched. As you can see, the old website was on page 1 for only 2 of the 20 keywords we're monitoring. The old website was only ranking for just 7 of the keywords.

  • After Website Launch & Google Submission

    Following the submission of the new website via the URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console, the keywords were re-checked and the results are shown below. Notice a few things:

    • The new website is on the first page of Google for 8 keywords, six more than before.
    • The new website is ranking for 18 of the 20 keywords being tracked. This is 11 more than before.