• WordPress Web Hosting Options

  • In general, a live website consists of a domain name (yearly cost), web hosting (monthly or yearly cost), and website design/development (project-based cost).

    When it comes to hosting the WordPress Marketing Websites we build, you have two options:

    • let us host your Marketing Website = iBF Managed Hosting, OR
    • you use your own hosting = DIY Unmanaged Hosting (aka Self Hosting)
  • iBF Managed Hosting vs. DIY Unmanaged Hosting

    The DIY Unmanaged Hosting option is best for those who have some technical knowledge AND the time to spend on tinkering with the technical side of WordPress maintenance.

    Our iBF Managed Hosting option is for those who value their time and who understand that certain things are best left to the experts!

    The table below provides a side-by-side comparison of these two options.

  • iBF Managed HostingDIY Unmanaged Hosting
    Reliable Cloud HostingYOU research and choose a web host
    SSL Setup & RenewalsYOU do it OR You hire someone
    Automated Daily BackupsYOU do it OR You hire someone
    WordPress Updates / UpgradesYOU do it OR You hire someone
    Theme / Plugin UpdatesYOU do it OR You hire someone
    Uptime Monitoring 24/7YOU do it OR You hire someone
    Hacking Detection / PreventionYOU do it OR You hire someone
    Troubleshooting IssuesYOU do it OR You hire someone
    Expert Tech SupportYou hire someone
    Yearly Cost *$300 +GST = $345Depends on the above
    Website updates and changes are NOT included in the iBF Managed Hosting services.
    Please see the Post-Launch Marketing Website Support page for info about website updates and changes.

  • These Features are Specific to our iBF Managed Hosting for WordPress

  • Reliable Cloud Hosting

    Your website will utilise Amazon's proven cloud hosting services and will be housed in our nearest Amazon SSD-based server located in Sydney, Australia.

  • Unmetered Storage

    We understand that, as a CMS, WordPress needs space to grow. You can focus on growing your business knowing that your web hosting will grow with you.

  • FREE SSL Certificate

    To add an extra layer of security and trust to your site, we provide a FREE SSL certificate. This converts your URL from unsecure, http:// to secure, https://

  • Automated Full Backups

    "Better safe than sorry!" with automated daily backups in place. These include your all important WordPress database - the brain of your website.

  • WP Updates & Upgrades

    To make sure your website software is always up-to-date, we'll update/upgrade the WordPress core, your theme, and any associated plugins as needed.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    What good is a website that has gone down? As good as an employee sleeping on the job - no good to you! So, we have measures in place to keep an eye on things.

  • GSC Creation & Setup

    Google Search Console (GSC) or Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. We'll help you get setup with it.

  • XML Sitemap Submission

    An XML sitemap is a special sitemap that is only used by search engines like Google so that they can correctly index your website. We'll create and submit your XML sitemap to Google.

  • Expert Technical Support

    You're an expert at your business, we're experts at ours! We take care of the technical behind-the-scenes stuff to keep your website running smoothly so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • NOTES:

    • iBF Managed Hosting services are ONLY available for Marketing Websites hosted on OUR servers.
    • we do NOT provide any maintenance / management service for clients with self-hosted websites.
    • choose the DIY Unmanaged Hosting option IF and ONLY IF you are prepared to manage your WordPress hosting yourself OR you are prepared to pay extra to hire someone to manage it for you.