• Post-Launch Marketing Website Support

  • Consider for a moment the place where you are living. It might be a single-family house, a townhouse, an apartment building, or some other housing structure. At some point in the past, the construction of that housing structure was started. Fast forward some months later and the construction was completed.

    Once the construction phase is over and the building is ready to be used, does this mean that there is no more work to do?
    What do you think would happen if no further work is put into that building?

    Ok, here's a hint...

  • Website Launch does NOT mean No More Work!

    Along similar lines, when your website is launched, this does NOT mean that there is no more work to be done.
    Rather, your website project simply moves from the CREATION phase to the MAINTENANCE phase.

    The STRUCTURE, the CONTENT, and the PERFORMANCE of your website all need to be continually looked after.

    Below are the main tasks involved in keeping your website online and in tip-top shape.


    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Website Backup
    • Security Monitoring
    • Anti-Hacking / Malware Scanning


    • Review Google Analytics Report
    • Check Google Search Console
    • Update WordPress (if needed)
    • Update Theme (if needed)
    • Update Plugins (if needed)
    • Develop/Follow an SEO Plan

    • Review Content on pages to make sure it's accurate and up-to-date
    • Test Contact Form and other Website Functionalities
    • Check for Broken Links (internal / external)
    • Check for Broken Images
    • Check for Broken Videos
    • Have a Digital Consultancy Meeting


    • Renew Hosting
    • Renew Domain Names
    • Update Copyright Date in footer
    • Consider Expanding or Adding Webpages
  • iBF Managed Hosting
  • iBF Managed Web Hosting for Marketing Websites

    When you choose to use our iBF Managed Hosting with the Marketing Website we build for you, the STRUCTURAL upkeep is taken care of.
    This means we handle:

    • DAILY backups of your ENTIRE website
    • updates / upgrades to the hosting environment
    • updates / upgrades of the WordPress core files
    • updates / upgrades of the theme files
    • updates / upgrades of the plugin files
    • uptime monitoring to make sure your website is up and running
    • security monitoring to keep hackers at bay
    • fixing any technical issues associated with the hosting of your website

    If you decide to use your own hosting account, make sure you have measures in place to handle these structural elements.

  • Support Packages
  • iBF Post-Launch Marketing Website Support

    In addition to the structural upkeep that comes with our iBF Managed Hosting services, we can also assist with the CONTENT and PERFORMANCE aspects of your marketing website's post-launch maintenance.

    After your new website is launched, we provide FREE virtual training – up to 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each – to show you how to make updates to your new website. This offer of FREE virtual training is only available during the first 60 days following the launch of your website.

    The first FREE training session must be scheduled within 30 days post-launch and the second one must be completed within 60 days post-launch. Any training session needed beyond the 60 days post-launch will be invoiced at our current hourly rate and must be paid prior to scheduling a session date.

    We also offer Post-Launch Website Support packages as outlined below. Compare them to determine which one best fits with your business needs.

  • iBF Managed HostingiBF Performance WatchiBF Success TweaksiBF Growth Focus
    BASE Feevariesvariesvariesvaries
    MONTHLY Retainer$0$60 +GST = $69$150 +GST = $172.50$500 +GST = $575
    YEARLY Retainer (get 2 months FREE)$0$600 +GST = $690$1500 +GST = $1725$5000 +GST = $5750

    Reliable Cloud Hosting
    Unmetered Storage Space
    FREE SSL Installation / Renewal
    Website Uptime Monitoring
    Automated Full Daily Backups
    Software Updates & Upgrades
    Expert Technical Response Time3 - 5 Days24 - 48 Hourswithin 24 Hourswithin 24 Hours
    Discount on Additional Website Work0%5%10%20%

    FREE Disaster Recovery
    Google Accounts Maintenance
    Monthly Google Analytics Reporting
    Minor Content Tweaks / Updates30 mins /mth60 mins /mth90 mins /mth

    Google Rank Monitoring / Reporting
    SEO Audit and Website Health Check1 per year2 per year

    Connected Website Apps Tech Support
    Website Performance Optimisation
    Business Marketing Consultation2 per year
  • Content Tweaks

    The upkeep of the CONTENT (text, images, videos, etc.) on your website is usually handled by you or someone you get to do this for you.

    We provide training and support for all the Marketing Websites we host. We show you how to update your content for yourself. Some local business owners prefer for us to handle this aspect of maintaining their website as well.

    Website Content Tweaks could include:

    • adding, deleting or updating TEXT
    • adding, deleting or updating IMAGES
    • adding, deleting or updating VIDEOS
    • adding, deleting or updating LINKS
    • adding, deleting or updating FILES
    • adding, deleting or updating PAGES or blog POSTS
    • making MINOR changes to the site's existing layout
    • making MINOR modifications to the HEADER, FOOTER or MENU area

    1) We use content that YOU supply to update your website. If you wish, we can create appropriate content at an ADDITIONAL COST. We will discuss your needs with you and provide you with a quote for your desired content creation project.

    2) Website Content Tweaks do NOT include any of the following web marketing services or design services:

    • Content Creation
    • Content Research
    • Image Creation
    • Email Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (such as Google Ads)
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Video Marketing
  • Notes
  • NOTES:

    • ALL recurring payments (including iBF Website Support packages) are processed AUTOMATICALLY via Stripe which accepts VISA and Mastercard credit / debit cards.
    • Monthly Website Support packages are month-to-month recurring subscriptions. You can cancel OR upgrade/downgrade at anytime by sending a request via email or Contact Form at least 14 days PRIOR to your next payment date.
    • If you are NOT signed up for one of our Post-Launch Website Support packages and you require us to make any content changes on your website, you will be charged our Hourly Rate for website maintenance of $120 +GST. Minimum website maintenance charge per request will be $60 +GST which covers up to 30 minutes of maintenance/update work. Payment must be received PRIOR to start of work.
    • Please note that rush work will incur an additional charge.
    • Monthly Content Tweaks minutes do NOT rollover.
    • Google Accounts Maintenance refers to the Google accounts related to (and set up during) the website creation process. They are Gmail, Google Recaptcha, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console.
    • SEO Audits and Website Health Checks are available upon request. How often you can make a request depends on your Website Support Package.
    • You must be signed up to the appropriate Website Support package for at least 3 months AND your Marketing Website must be live for at least 6 months PRIOR to requesting your FIRST SEO Audit and Website Health Check.
    • You must be signed up to the iBF Growth Focus package for at least 3 months PRIOR to requesting your FIRST Business Marketing Consultation.
    • Business Marketing Consultations are scheduled for a duration of 1-2 hours and are primarily conducted via Skype or other appropriate online meeting room. It may be possible to arrange a face-to-face meeting for local clients.