• We Don’t Do CHEAP Websites

  • ...and we're NOT sorry!

    Both in quality and in performance - our Marketing Websites are NOT cheap!
    When it comes to price however, YOU will have to decide.

    To help you decide, let's begin with a look at the meaning of the word cheap.

  • Cheap - What Does It Mean?

    Etymology Of Cheap

    Cheap began as a word used to describe a small trader or innkeeper. Later it was connected with the idea of a bargain.

    Over time the word cheap has taken on additional meanings and today it often conjures up a sense of inferiority. This is so because too many bargain items turn out to be of inferior quality.

    Here's a list of synonyms for the word cheap as we know it today.

  • CHEAP: Low in Quality

    • blah or icky
    • inferior
    • lousy
    • low-grade
    • mediocre
    • poor-quality
    • second-rate
    • shoddy
    • slipshod
    • substandard
    • third-rate
    • trashy
    • valueless
    • worthless
  • CHEAP: Low in Price

    • affordable
    • bargain
    • budget
    • competitive
    • cut-rate
    • downmarket
    • economical
    • inexpensive
    • low-cost
    • low-end
    • low-priced
    • reasonable
    • reasonably priced
    • rock-bottom
  • As far as quality and performance are concerned, our Marketing Websites shall NEVER wear the label CHEAP!

    No, they are first-rate, high quality websites built from the ground up to get results for our clients:

    • greater exposure through high visibility in search engines
    • more leads through customer-centric design and web copy

    Whether our websites are cheap in terms of price is a matter of your own perception and situation.

  • Cheap Work - Its True Cost

    It is true that "One man's too much money is another man's pocket change!" However, a person's financial situation does not necessarily dictate their sense of cheap vs. not cheap.

    More often than not it is our perceived value of something that determines whether we believe the attached price tag is reasonable or not.

    When it comes to spending on a website for your business, here are some time-proven points to consider.

  • If you think Good Design is Expensive, you should look at the Cost of Bad Design.

    Dr. Ralph Speth, CEO Jaguar

  • Skilled Labour (or Good Work) isn't Cheap;

    Cheap Labour (or Work) isn't Skilled.


  • If you think it's Expensive to hire a Professional to do the job, wait until you hire an Amateur.

    Red Adair

  • The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is forgotten!

    Benjamin Franklin

  • Quality is never an accident. It is always the Result of Intelligent Effort.

    John Rushkin

  • Price is only ever an issue in the Absence of Value!


  • Cheap Website Design - Is It Worth It?

    What may seem like a great bargain today may turn out to be a money-sucker tomorrow!

    As one saying goes, buy cheap and you pay twice. When it comes to getting a website for their business, too many local business owners have had to learn this lesson the hard way. After going the cheap route, they later had to dig deep to fix problems or (more often than not) to start over from scratch.

    Below are some of the problems you could face if you opt for cheap website design. As you browse the list, ask yourself "is cheap website design for your small business website really worth it?"

    • lack of search engine-friendliness
    • lack of mobile-friendliness
    • lack of user-friendliness
    • lack of compelling web copy
    • lack of motivating calls-to-action
    • lack of thought to future-proofing


    • little to no image optimisation
    • little to no infusion of your brand
    • little to no post-launch support
    • little to no return on your investment
    • domain ownership issues
    • web hosting issues
    • site maintenance issues
    • copyright infringement issues
    • cross-browser compatibility issues
    • communication issues with web designer


    • No sitemap submission
    • No uptime monitoring
  • Cheap Websites - That's NOT Our Style!

    Our websites are of an extremely high caliber. This high level of quality on the frontend AND on the backend are the driving force behind the awesome results our clients are experiencing. A tremendous amount of Time, Thought and Talent goes into their creation to make this possible.

    The Marketing Websites we build for our clients hit the ground running when they go live!

  • Cheap Price - YOU be the Judge!

    Try the following experiment:

    1. check out our website packages and note your INITIAL reaction to their prices,
    2. browse our website design portfolio and read at least 3 case studies there,
    3. re-visit the prices on the website packages page and note your NEW reaction,
    4. compare your INITIAL reaction with your NEW reaction - are they the same or different?
    5. share your findings from your experiment in the comments below.