• Local Web Hosting Providers Based in Top Regions Worldwide

  • Finding Quality Web Hosting Providers

    Web hosting providers are a dime a dozen ranging from small, single-person businesses to multinational conglomerates. With so many choices, it’s easy to become confused and get bogged down in the decision-making process.

    The process of finding a quality web hosting provider is very similar to apartment-hunting or house-hunting. No one wants to expend time and effort moving into a new place and then have to pack up and leave in a short time. Rather, you want to find a place where you can settle in and feel free to get on with your daily affairs without worrying about safety, security, or maintenance issues.

  • Factors of Quality Web Hosting Providers

    In the article, Is Your Web Hosting Provider Proving Its Worth? we went through the main factors that you should consider when choosing a web host to increase your chances of finding a quality one:

    • Reliability
    • Security
    • 24/7 Customer/Tech Support
    • Company Stability and Credibility
    • User-Friendly Control Panel
    • Necessary Features and Extras
    • Reading the Fine Print

    Additional factors that were discussed include:

    • Server Location – does it matter?
    • Reasonable Pricing – what’s reasonable?
    • Room for Growth – what to look for?
    • Free Domain Name – is it truly free?

    Keeping these factors in mind while searching for a web host will definitely help you to arrive at a best fit for your hosting needs.

  • Quality Local Web Hosting Providers

    Just like in the corresponding article on domain registrars, I’ve compiled a list of web hosts to help you get your research started. For the most part, each web hosting provider meets the criteria set forth above. However, inclusion in the lists below does NOT in any way constitute an endorsement.

    It is YOUR responsibility as the consumer to do your due diligence to arrive at the web host that’s best for YOU.

    Be aware that a domain’s extension (.com, .nz, .uk, etc) is NOT a good indicator of the geographic location and/or origin of a business. For example, Google has the domain name google.co.nz and a business presence in New Zealand but it is NOT a 100% NZ-owned/operated business. It is a US-based company.

    The shared hosting providers below are categorized by geographic locations based on OWNERSHIP and SERVER LOCATION. Please advise us of any discrepancies (including proof of such) via the comment section below.

    Most of the links will take you to either the company’s About Us page or to a page with information about their datacentre (datacenter).

  • Other Worldwide Web Hosts

    The following list is comprised of web hosting providers with servers in 3 or more continents and support staff in multiple geographic locations.

  • Time for YOUR input

    • Do you care where your web host is located?
    • What has been your experience (if any) with the web hosts listed above?
    • Business Owners: Do you prefer to use a locally based hosting provider or an overseas one?