• Noel Templeton Optometrists

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Noel Templeton
    PHONE: 03 578 2939
    BUSINESS: Eye / Vision Care

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    WEBSITE: NoelTempleton.com

  • Project Background


  • Responsive Website Creation

    Launched: 17 Nov. 2017

  • Post Launch Report

    For each and every website we launch, we go through a Post-Launch checklist. This includes adding it to an uptime monitoring service so that we are notified immediately if ever one of our client's website goes offline for any reason.

    Another very important item in our checklist is submitting the website's XML sitemap to Google via the Search Console. To speed up Google's indexing of the site's webpages, we use the Fetch as Google function that is also available in the Search Console. We have found that within seconds of doing this, our client's webpages get indexed and start ranking in Google's search results.

    The images below are screenshots of a simple rank checking tool we use to manually check/track up to 25 relevant keywords for a client's domain name. This keyword rank checker checks the first 30 pages (i.e. 300 positions) of Google's search results to see if it finds any occurrences of that domain name and then outputs the results as shown below.

    The first column of numbers represents the CURRENT position of the the domain name at the time of running the search. The middle column shows the position of the domain name the PREVIOUS time we ran the search. The last number column shows the BEST (i.e. highest) position the domain has reached in all searches. A question mark means that the domain name could NOT be found in the first 300 search results.


    The first screenshot was taken within 25 minutes of launching the website. In this case, the middle column shows the rankings of the domain name BEFORE the new website was launched, while the first column shows the keyword rankings MINUTES after the new website went live.

    Notice that for some keywords, like "driving lenses" and "designer frames", the domain name (connected to the client's old website) was NOT ranking at all before launch BUT right after the launch of the new website, the domain name jumped to page #1!

    In the case of "eyewear" and "safety eyewear", the old website was NOT on page #1 BUT after the launch, the new website was showing up on page #1 for these keywords.


    After launch, we run the rank checker one or two times a day as we monitor our client's movement in Google SERPs. The second screenshot was taken about 4 days after launch and you can see an overall improvement.