• Marlborough Panel & Paint

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Marc Flood
    PHONE: 03 578 4192
    BUSINESS: Panel Beater

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    WEBSITE: MarlboroughPanelPaint.co.nz

  • Project Background

    Since we had previously created marketing websites for Marc's father Tony and his brother Rob, he was well aware of the quality and impact of the Marketing Websites we build for our clients.

    Following the rebranding of his business from Maher & Moseley Panel Beaters to Marlborough Panel & Paint, Marc was ready for a new, modern website to replace the one that had been in use for many years now (see screenshot below).

    Alla met with Marc for an in-depth discussion of his business and what he wanted to achieve via the new website. This type of discussion is an important part of the process for us to be able to create a website that the business owner would love as well as one that get results.

  • Responsive Website Creation

    The project began on 10th May, 2018 with the initial design phase. Then we moved over the content from the old website to the new one. We quickly realised that this content would need to be re-worked to improve the user experience of visitors to the website.

    A meeting was scheduled for the first week of June at which Alla went over each page of the new website with Marc and discussed what other info we needed from him and his team for us to make further progress - some photos showcasing the work done by the team at Marlborough Panel and Paint as well as some additional info about their services.

    There was a bit of delay in getting this additional info, so work stalled until around the first week of August. At that point, we started receiving photos and other relevant info for the new website. About a week later, we provided Marc with a link for him to preview the website and provide feedback.

    After a little more back and forth and making relevant updates to the website, it was ready to go live. Finally, the new website was launched on 20th September, 2018.

  • Post Launch Report

    As is usual with the websites we create, the new website for Marlborough Panel & Paint Ltd (MPP) was immediately indexed in Google and started to rank in local search results that very day. For some keywords, it was already showing up on page 1!

    Because this project was NOT just a redesign but a complete REBRANDING which included a change to a completely different domain name, there were a few more things that needed to be done following the launch of the new website.

    Over the years, the old website had achieved prominence in Google search results. It was often in position #1 and one of the three in the Google Map pack for local search results. We needed to transfer this search authority over to the new website.

    So, we would have to submit a "Change of Address" to Google so that Google would transfer the ranking and authority that had been built up over the years by the old website at mahermoseley.co.nz to the new website at marlboroughpanelpaint.co.nz.

    This involved a number of steps which included:

    • Getting the Google Ads manager for MPP to first update the Ad campaigns with the new domain name.
    • Transferring the old domain name from previous domain registrar to our client domain management account.
    • Setting up external 301 redirects on the old domain name to point to corresponding URLs on the new domain name.
    • Setting up internal 301 redirects on the new domain to point to the correct final URL destination.
    • Adding and verifying the old website in the client's Google Webmaster account.
    • Submitting the Change of Address request to Google.

    We also updated the Google My Business listing with the new business name and new web address.


    The first image below shows how the new website was ranking in Google BEFORE we submitted the change request. The expanded view for the fourth keyword shows the position of the old website vs. the new website - the old was outranking the new.

  • Now, it takes time for the transition from the old domain name to the new one to be fully completed in Google's index. So, links from both domain names will continue to show in search results for a while. Eventually only the links for the new domain name will be there.

    The image below shows the rankings of the new website just a couple days AFTER submitting the "Change of Address" request to Google. I've included the Change column to show the change in position of the website per keyword from the previous day.

    Since it's probably a bit early for the Change request to be impacting the search results, this positive movement in the search results is more likely due to the built-in authority of the new website!

  • Here's another screenshot of MPP's search results taken about 3 days later (i.e. 6 days since submitting change request to Google). Finally, in less than a month from launch, the new website has made its way to position #1 of Google for a number of local search queries.

    Also, I've expanded the view of a couple keywords to show that the new domain name has begun to surpass the old domain name in the search results.

  • UPDATE: 11 Weeks Post Launch

    It's now been about 11 weeks... actually 79 days since we launched the new website for Marlborough Panel & Paint Ltd. In that time, the website's rankings has improved greatly as shown in the screenshot below.

    Comparing the values in the LATEST column and the FIRST column you'll see, that at the beginning, the website was on page 1 for only one search term - "smash repair marlborough".

    Now, the website is on page 1 of Google for 18 of the 20 keywords we've been tracking. 13 of these search results are in position #1!

    The new website has surpassed the old website.