• Dr Alla’s MediMushrooms

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Alla Kiroshka
    PHONE: 021 227 9922
    BUSINESS: Medicinal Mushrooms

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    TYPE: STANDARD Biz + Shopify Integration
    WEBSITE: MediMushrooms.com

  • Project Background

    Dr Alla's MediMushrooms is a line of medicinal mushrooms developed by Dr Alla Kiroshka while living in South Africa. This was just one of a number of businesses owned/operated by Dr Alla. When she made the decision in 2006 to move her family to New Zealand, she chose to bring this business with her.

    In 2008, she opened her first retail shop in Bishopdale. By 2009, Dr Alla had moved into a much larger space and opened a new retail shop plus consulting space in Christchurch's CBD. Her business was growing quickly. Then the devastating earthquakes of 2010/2011 struck and completely demolished her building, effectively destroying her livelihood.

    To get back on track, in 2011 Dr Alla got a family friend to create an ecommerce website so that she could start selling her products online. Prior to this, all sales were done at her retail shop.

    The last time that the website for Dr Alla's MediMushrooms was redesigned was back in early 2014 - see image below. At that time, the website was built using the Prestashop ecommerce platform. It was a huge improvement over what had been done by Dr Alla's family friend and her online sales began to slowly improve.

    Fast forward about 5 years later and it was again time for a redesign.

  • Responsive Website Creation

    Interestingly, that 2014 website redesign for Dr Alla's MediMushrooms led to Alla (aka Dr Alla) and I starting our secound business, iBeFound International Ltd.

    In time, we started specializing in creating WordPress-based websites. So, when it came time to redesign the website, we chose to build it on a WordPress framework. We went with a WordPress + Shopify integration to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

    The new website (see image below) was officially launched on 4th January 2019.

  • Post Launch Report

    The online natural health supplements industry in New Zealand is a very competitive one. It is NOT easy to increase exposure to an ecommerce website for natural dietary supplements like medicinal mushrooms. A well-designed marketing website is just the beginning.

    In addition to the basic SEO built into each website we build, we will also be applying more advanced SEO tactics and other digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers throughout New Zealand and beyond.