• Blenheim Testing Station

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Neil Webb
    PHONE: 03 577 9942
    BUSINESS: Vehicle Inspections

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: BlenheimTesting.nz

  • Responsive Website Creation

    LAUNCH DATE: 24 Jan. 2019

  • Post Launch Report

    Bear in mind that Blenheim Testing Station had never had a website before. Also, the domain name, blenheimtesting.nz, was purchased/registered just 1 day before the website was launched. So, Google had ZERO knowledge of this domain name and the website connected to it.

    The first screenshot shows the results when we checked the website's Google search rankings BEFORE submitting the sitemap and doing a Fetch as Google for each page of the website.

    The second screenshot was taken about 30 minutes later AFTER we had submitted the website's sitemap and requested indexing for each webpage. As you can see, the website was ranking for 16 of the 20 keywords we were monitoring! The website was even on page 1 of Google for three keywords... within 30 minutes of being indexed by Google!

  • UPDATE: About 45 Days Post-Launch
    So, it's been about 45 days since the website was launched. The screenshot below shows the progress in Google search rankings from then to now. Notice that of the 20 keywords we've been monitoring, 14 are now on the first page of Google with 5 of these sitting in the top 3 positions.