• Cressy’s Picture Framing

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Kevin Cresswell
    PHONE: (03) 578 1607
    BUSINESS: Custom Picture Framing

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    TYPE: 1PAGE Biz
    WEBSITE: CressysPictureFraming.nz

  • Project Background


  • Responsive Website Creation


    The brand new website went live for the very first time on Wednesday 3rd April 2019!

  • Post Launch Report

    The screenshot below shows the website's search results just HOURS after being launched! The website had been added to Google's index and it was already ranking on PAGE 1 for 11 of the 40 competitive localised keywords we're monitoring.

    Bear in mind that this was a brand new domain name and website. Yet it is already outranking the websites of some of the more established players in this industry.

  • 3-Week Update

    It's been about 22 days since the new website for Cressy's Picture Framing went live. During the past three weeks, the website has been steadily moving up in Google search results as shown in the screenshot below.

    It is now on page 1 for 36 of the 40 localised keywords we've been tracking. This is up from the 11 keywords on page 1 just after the website was launched. That's a 227% increase in page 1 rankings in just 22 days!

  • 1-Month Update

    Cressy's website was launched about 4 weeks ago, and it's been about a week since the above screenshot was taken. During this past 7 days, the website has continued to move up the search rankings.

    A noticeable improvement, as shown in the screenshot below, is the number of keywords for which the website is in one (or more) of the top 3 positions on the first page of Google. From 9 to 17 in less than seven days!