• Tawny Hills B&B

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Gerrie Mead
    PHONE: 027 303 0762
    BUSINESS: Bed & Breakfast

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: TawnyHillsBnB.co.nz

  • Project Background


  • Responsive Website Creation


    Launched: 15th February, 2019

  • Hi Dale, just a quick piece of feedback...
    We have a guestroom guest tonight and tomorrow! He said he found us on AirBnB and went to the website from there and complimented how clear and easy the site was. He was super impressed! Good on you and thanks!!

    Gerrie Mead

  • Post Launch Report

    The brand new website for Tawny Hills B&B was launched in late evening of 15th February, 2019. So, we decided to leave our post-launch process for the next day.

    Around 6pm, we finally got around to completing the post-launch process for this website. Included in this process is the submitting of the XML sitemap via the Google Search Console (GSC) and submitting indexing requests for each page using the Fetch as Google feature in GSC.

    Fetch as Google is a fast and easy way to invite Google to send its bots to browse your website and index your web pages.

    The first screenshot below was taken at 6:19 pm just before we performed the Fetch as Google. At that time, the website for Tawny Hills B&B was nowhere to be found in Google's index.

  • The next screenshot was taken around 6:27 pm after submitting the Fetch as Google indexing requests. You can see that in less than 10 minutes, 5 of the site's 7 pages had already been indexed.

  • A check of Google Image Search results shows that 40 of the website's images had already been indexed within 10 minutes of inviting the Googlebots to visit... see the screenshot below.

  • So, getting the pages of a website indexed by Google does NOT take long... it is a quick and easy process. However, this is just the beginning. The benefits coming not from being indexed but from being RANKED on page 1 of Google... this takes a bit more time for businesses in highly competitive niches like accommodation.

    Here's a screenshot showing where the website was ranked for 18 local keywords we're tracking shortly after the Fetch as Google process was completed. At this point, the website was nowhere near page 1 but that is to be expected. We'll be monitoring its movements in the rankings and will post an update in the near future.