• Thompson Electrical Ltd

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Sally Brown
    PHONE: 03 572 8179
    BUSINESS: Electrical Contracting

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: ThompsonElectricalMarlborough.nz

  • Project Background

    We first connected with the good folks at Thompson Electrical Ltd, back in April 2015, when they accepted our offer to create a Custom Mini-Website for them. At that point in time, they had no presence on the Internet apart from minor listings in some online directories. The Custom Mini-Website established a web presence all their own.

    A few months later, in September, Alla offered to show them the websites we had been building for others. They were eager to learn more as they had already been discussing the need of having a full-fledged website for some time. They wanted one that would fully reflect the achievements of their family business and the services that they proudly provide.

    During Alla's presentation, there were lots of questions concerning not only the look of the websites but also their performance on the Internet. Feeling satisfied with the answers to their questions, we were commissioned to create a Marketing Website for their business.

  • Logo Revitalization and Website Creation

    Work began on Thompson's Marketing Website in the first week of October 2015.

    To begin the initial design phase, one of the first things we ask our clients for is a copy of their logo. We would use this on the website as well as to determine the colour palette for the website.

    Went they sent over the only digital copy that they had, we discovered that the quality of the logo was not good enough to put on their new website. We discussed this with them and they agreed to let us revitalize it for them. We also provided them with copies of the new sources files for future use.

    Two weeks after getting started on the website, Alla met with the directors and Office Manager, Sally to show them the initial design draft. They were very excited about the design. Alla explained to them that now they needed to start sending us the content that would go on the website.

    This is where things usually get a bit tricky for some clients - managing their business and finding time to gather the info we need for their new website. The busy summer season and a new addition to the Thompson family put the website creation project on hold for a few months.

    As the winter months approached, they were ready to move things along and started to provide us with relevant text and photos. Sally was an incredible source of support in providing the necessary information as it came available.

    Finally, we were able to launch Thompson Electrical's new Marketing Website on 16/08/2016.

  • Post Launch Report

    All I can say is WOW! ...WOW! ...and triple WOW!

    Ranking on page #1 of Google SERPs for over 25 COMPETITIVE keywords is less than 24 hours!

    So far, this is the fastest I've seen one of our websites start RANKING on page 1. More amazing is the fact that the domain name was bought the same day we connected it to the website - so it was brand spanking new! The domain age was 0 years 0 months 0 days and it had ZERO backlinks!

    What could account for such a rapid rise in the ranks?

    Well, like all our Marketing Websites, it was well-optimised:

    • image optimisation plus on-page and on-site search engine optimisation were carefully done,
    • target market analysis, keyword research and competitor analysis guided the content creation.

    But what added a little fuel to the fire was a last minute (actually, post-last minute) change in plans.

    Initially we launched the website on a domain name our client has owned for about 7 years which they had been using mainly for their email addresses - thompelec.co.nz. Shortly afterwards, I was about to go through our post-launch sequence where we submit the site to Google via the Search Console and I told Alla (my wife and business partner) that I wasn't happy with this domain name.

    We both agreed that we should bring this up with our client and offer alternative suggestions. Since it was already after work hours, we decided to contact them the next day to discuss this issue. In the meantime, I adjusted the robots.txt file to hide the site from search engines.

    The next day, Alla stopped by their office to explain our concerns to our client. She advised them to purchase a domain name containing their full business name instead. They gave us the go ahead to do so. We found that ThompsonElectrical.co.nz and ThompsonElectrical.net.nz were already taken by companies in other parts of New Zealand.

    We decided to go with ThompsonElectricalMarlborough.nz - purchased the domain and linked it to the new website. Then I changed the robots.txt file to unhide the website from search engines and proceeded to submit the site to Google. This was around 3pm on Wednesday 17th August, 2016.

    The next morning around 10am (less than 24 hours later), I started to add the site to our SERP checker account and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results. About half of the website's pages had been indexed by Google AND the site was already moving up the ranks. In fact, it was on the first page of Google for a number of keywords.

    Within 48 hours of the website launch, it was ranking on Google's first page for over 75 competitive keywords (localised to marlborough) including:

    • domestic electrician
    • electrical installation | electrical inspection| electrical maintenance
    • ewof | caravan ewof | motorhome ewof | electrical warrant of fitness
    • lighting design | lighting installation | home ventilation | under tile heating
    • fujitsu installer | hwc repair

    NOTE: If you want to check these results yourself on google.co.nz, remember to add marlborough after the keywords for localisation.

    This is an INCREDIBLE kickstart for our client's online presence! We look forward to hearing great reports about the impact this is having on their business.


    3-MONTH UPDATE: the website's page 1 rankings continue to hold steady.

  • Thank you for all your time and great work on our website. We are very excited.

    Sally Brown