• David Boon Accountant Ltd

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: David Boon
    PHONE: 03 578 8639
    BUSINESS: Accounting Services

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    TYPE: 1PAGE Biz
    WEBSITE: DavidBoonAccountant.co.nz

  • Project Background

    We first connected with David Boon towards the end of 2017 when Alla was trying to find a local accountant on behalf of one of our clients. Alla stopped by David's office to see if he would be able to assist our client.

    During that initial conversation, David asked Alla about what we do. She explained that we help local businesses improve their online visibility. This often begins with a branded, well-optimised website. Alla provided some feedback on David's current website (see image below) and he invited her to come back for a further discussion.

    Alla meet with David on 8th November 2017 and showed him examples of our work and the results that our clients have been getting because of it. Though David was eager to get started as he was not happy with his current website for a variety of reasons, the timing wasn't right. He asked Alla to contact him in the new year, after the holiday season.

    So, Alla followed up with David on the 24th January, 2018 and he was the first to sign up for our new 1PAGE Biz Marketing Website.

  • Responsive Website Creation

    Work on David's new one-page website began immediately on 24th January. The initial design and transfer of content from his old website was completed in less than 14 business days. This time included the back and forth emailing to get clear on various aspects of his business. The videos used were NOT provided by our client. Rather they were discovered during the research phase of our design process.

    Alla contacted David on the 7th March to arrange an in-person preview as there were some points that she wanted to go over with him. The preview was held on 13th February. David, and his assistant Angela, were both there and they were both happy with what had been done so far. Later that day, we provided them with login details so that they could browse the website themselves and provide feedback on it.

    By Thursday 8th March, all updates/changes had been completed and the website was ready to be launched. All we needed now was the domain name that David wanted to use with his new website.

    David's old website had been using his "davidboonaccounting.co.nz" domain name but he wanted to use the domain name he had initially registered - "davidboonaccountant.co.nz". It was registered through Yellow NZ but was NOT currently being used. We provided David with instructions on how to request his UDAI code from them.

    As soon as we received the UDAI code on 14th March from David, we started the website launch process. The new website for David Boon Accountant Ltd went live on 14th March, 2018.

  • Post Launch Report

    Following the launch of David's new website, we went through our usual post-launch process which includes submitting the website's sitemap to Google and doing a Fetch as Google for each page.

    We also began monitoring and tracking the website's progress in Google's Local Search for a variety of relevant keywords. Within hours of being launched, the website had been indexed by Google and was showing up in search results. At that point, it was showing up somewhere between pages 7 and 15.

    TWO weeks after launch, the website had moved up the ranks. It was now appearing mostly on pages 1 and 2 of Google.

    Today is 6th April, 2018 and it is now 23 DAYS since David Boon's website went live. It is now on page 1 for a variety of competitive keywords including:

    • accounting services blenheim
    • business accounting blenheim
    • tax accounting blenheim
    • payroll management blenheim
    • business accounting marlborough
    • business accountant marlborough nz
    • tax accounting marlborough nz

    These local search results are quite remarkable for the following reasons:

    1. This is a ONE-page website competing against multi-page accounting websites.
    2. This is a BRAND NEW website competing against accounting websites that have been online for years.
    3. This is a website with just 3 backlinks.

    However, these results are NOT unusual for our Marketing Websites!

     They are built from the ground up to get results!