• Hunter Plumbing & Drainage

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Guy Hunter
    PHONE: 03 577 6967
    BUSINESS: Plumbing & Drainage

  • PROJECT: New Website Design
    WEBSITE: HunterPlumbingandDrainage.co.nz

  • Project Background

    Hunter Plumbing & Drainage joined the iBeFound tribe back in April 2015 when owner Guy Hunter agreed to having us create a Custom Mini-Website for his business.

    About a year later, Alla met with him to discuss the possibility of having a full-fledged website - either instead of or in addition to his Custom Mini-Website. Guy felt that it would indeed be a good idea to have a proper business website and signed up for one of our marketing websites.

  • Responsive WordPress Website Design

    As is customary, we started on the website's initial design right away. Within a week, we were ready to start adding content to the website. Unfortunately, this phase of the project did not go as smoothly and as quickly as we would have liked.

    With Guy's super busy schedule and personal responsibilities, it was a bit of a challenge getting the information we needed from him. So, the project stalled and nothing happened for months.

    Then Justine came on as Office Administrator and, towards the end of November, 2016, Alla met with her to show her what had been accomplished before the project stalled. Alla went over the previous emails we had sent to Guy and discussed what more we needed to move forward.

    In the first week of January 2017, Justine started sending over the info she had gathered and we got back to work on Hunter's website. Justine had been able to coordinate with Guy to get answers we needed about his background and that of his business. She also gathered other relevant content for the site.

    A few weeks later, the new website was ready to launch. After a final review by Justine and Guy, Hunter's new website went live on  9th Feb. 2017!

  • Post Launch Report

    This is the first website that Hunter Plumbing & Drainage has ever had. From May 2016 until now, their domain name had only been used as a redirect to their Custom Mini-Website - an advanced listing on our directory platform. As such, it had not been indexed by Google prior to the launch of their new website.

    As part of the post-launch process, we set up a Google Search Console (GSC) account. There we added the client's website and we connected it to their Google Analytics account. We also submitted an XML sitemap and issued an invitation for Google to index the website via the Fetch as Google feature in GSC.

    About 5 minutes later, we checked and could see that Google had indexed the website's homepage. In addition, the homepage was beginning to show up in Google search results.

    Of the 18  keywords we were tracking, the website was on page 1 for 2 of them and on page 2 for six more.

    Checked again about 7 hours later and found that all five pages of the website had been indexed in Google main search but none of the images had been indexed yet. The images started showing up in Google's Image Search a couple days later.


    UPDATE: 20/03/2017
    It's been about a month and a half since the launch. We've been monitoring the local search rankings of this website and are very happy with the progress.

    Hunter's website is ranking on page 1 for at least 50 local keywords!

    In most cases, you'll find the website on the first page of google.co.nz if you search for keyphrases created by taking one choice from each section below...

    a) domestic, residential, commercial, emergency
    b) plumbing, drainage, gasfitting, plumber, drainlayer, gasfitter
    c) blenheim, blenheim nz, marlborough, marlborough nz

    For example, try residential drainage blenheim nz OR emergency plumber marlborough and see what comes up.