• The Glassman 2014 Ltd

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Chris Jones
    PHONE: 03 578 5500
    BUSINESS: Glass and Glazing

  • PROJECT: Website Re-Build
    TYPE: Simple eCOMMERCE
    WEBSITE: theGlassmanBlenheim.co.nz

  • Project Background

    Back in December 2014, Chris Jones seized the opportunity to step into the role of business owner when he purchased the well-known and long-standing local glass and glazing company from Carl Gratton.

    Included in the purchase was a domain name and a website powered by Yellow NZ. From the get-go, Chris' experience with Yellow NZ was a frustrating and hair-pulling one. His requests for simple updates/changes to the website, including the contact details for the new owners, went undone for many weeks.

    About 4 months later (April 2015), we entered the picture and began to assist with the company's re-branding and online marketing efforts.

    We worked on the design of the company's new logo and created a Custom Mini-Website on our advertising platform which would drive traffic to the company's current website.

    Since the company's website contract with Yellow NZ had over six months remaining, Chris wanted to stick with them until then. So, we provided some suggestions (see below) for improving their current website and advised Chris to contact Yellow NZ to see if they would implement these simple recommendations.

  • Issues with the Domain Name

    In the process of creating the Custom Mini-Website for The Glassman, we did some research on the company's domain name and discovered that the contact details had not been updated by Yellow NZ. As a result, it was still legally the property of Mr. Carl Gratton.

    Sometime in the 2nd week of May, Chris contacted Yellow NZ, requesting the necessary updates to be made to the domain name. It took almost 4 weeks and countless requests to Yellow NZ for this simple task to be completed.

    By then, Chris' patience with Yellow NZ had run thin and he was ready to break free.

    We worked with Chris to secure and transfer his domain name away from Yellow NZ's preferred domain registrar. We later linked this domain name to the Custom Mini-Website we had built for the business.

    We also advised Chris to register the newly available .NZ version of his domain name.

  • Creation of the New Website

    A few months later, towards the end of August 2015, Chris was ready to get started on a new website for The Glassman. He opted for the Simple eCOMMERCE marketing website and we got to work building it.

    Within a couple weeks the initial design of the website was completed. It was now ready for content and product data to be added to it.

    This is usually the most time consuming part of the website creation process. It requires us going back and forth with the client to gather the relevant info (text, images, videos, etc.) for the website. Oftentimes, we then have to re-structure the provided content so that it can be used on the website.

    Chris and Andrea (his wife) were finding it difficult to come up with the content for their new website and they asked us to assist with this aspect as well. This meant a delay in the launch of the website as our team now had to do additional research to compile and write the website's content.

    Finally on 7th December, 2015, the Glassman's new website was launched!

  • Post Launch Report

    Within 7 days of launching The Glassman's new eCommerce Marketing Website, most of its webpages and some of its images had already been indexed by Google. Another week or two later and all pages including the product pages had been indexed.

    Various pages were also beginning to rank on the first page of Google for relevant keywords and key phrases.

    During the 2nd week of January 2016, The Glassman received its first 2 sales via its new ecommerce website from new customers outside of Marlborough who had found them via a Google search!

    10 months later and the website is holding steady in Google page 1 rankings. In some cases, it dominates page 1, holding 5 or more positions for numerous keywords.

  • Hi Alla,

    Website looking awesome and getting positive feedback! The business is growing very well and we know that the majority of clients are coming through our website.

    Thank you all for the fantastic work and support!

    Chris Jones