• Blenheim Carpet Care

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Garry Tait
    PHONE: 0800 10 10 72
    BUSINESS: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • PROJECT: Website Redesign
    WEBSITE: BlenheimCarpetCare.co.nz

  • Project Background

    Garry Tait and his wife Lynda purchased Blenheim Carpet Care in 2011. Though new to the business of carpet cleaning, they were determined to succeed and drew on the skills they had gained in their previous jobs.

    Towards the end of 2015, an associate recommended that we reach out to them and we did so around mid-November. As soon as we started talking about websites, Garry explained that they already had one but he was VERY dissatisfied with it. Their current website had been done by Yellow NZ. It looked dull, boring and did not do justice to the business (see below).

  • Garry agreed to let us show him the quality of what we had done for other clients. He was MOST impressed with the look and performance of our Marketing Websites. Throughout the presentation, he remarked on how beautiful and professional the websites looked. More than once the word, "WOW!" escaped his mouth. Before the presentation was over, Garry had made up his mind to go ahead and have us build a new Marketing Website for their business.

    However, he wanted to first cancel their existing website with Yellow NZ but was not sure how to do so. Later that day, we sent an email with instructions. One of which was to get the UDAI for his domain name from Yellow NZ so that we could transfer it away prior to cancelling the website subscription. The transferred was completed during the second week of December.

    We made arrangments to get back in touch with Garry in January 2016 to proceed with the website creation.

  • Responsive Website Redesign

    One of the first emails we send to a client AFTER they hire us to create a Marketing Website for them includes a request for their logo (if they have one) OR a colour scheme (3 colours) to be used on the website. We use this along with a list of their services and the type of customers/clients they serve to create the initial website design.

    In this case, Garry told us that they did not have a logo and that we should use the logo and colour scheme from the old website. So the initial design we presented to Garry and Lynda a couple weeks later was built with this in mind.

    Garry and Lynda were both very happy with the progress thus far. So, the discussion of that meeting centered around the next phase of the project - adding content to the website. They made notes about what type of information would be needed - text, images, photos, etc.

    Shortly following this meeting Garry sent us some content including a photo of him and Lynda in front of their vans wearing their work uniform. It was then we realised that the logo and colour scheme being used on the website were absolutely wrong! So we made the necessary changes to match their brand image.

    We continued to gather website content from Garry via email. The text was re-worked and placed in appropriate areas of the website. Relevant images were optimized and used throughout the website. In some cases, new images were created or acquired for the site.

    About 2½ months after work began on this website re-design project, Blenheim Carpet Care's new Marketing Website was ready to go live!

  • Post Launch Report

    The new website was launched around midday on 31st March 2016. One of the steps we take after launching a new website is to submit its XML sitemap via Google Webmaster Tools. This acts as an invitation to Google to visit the website so that it can begin to add the website's pages to its index.

    We had NOT yet done this step for Blenheim Carpet Care's website but in less than 6 hours, Google had indexed four of the site's webpages. A quick check showed that these pages (particularly the services page) were already ranking on the 1st or 2nd page of Google for a wide variety of local search terms and key phrases.

  • Here's a Sample of Their Search Results:

    • carpet cleaning blenheim nz => page 1
    • carpet cleaning marlborough nz => page 1
    • hot water extraction blenheim nz => page 1
    • hot water extraction marlborough nz => page 1
    • steam cleaning blenheim nz => page 1
    • steam cleaning marlborough nz => page 1
    • upholstery cleaning blenheim nz => page 1
    • upholstery cleaning marlborough nz => page 1
    • odour control blenheim nz => page 1
    • odour control marlborough nz => page 1
    • stain removal blenheim nz => page 1
    • stain removal marlborough nz => page 1
    • flood restoration blenheim nz => page 2
    • flood restoration marlborough nz => page 2
    • water damage restoration blenheim nz => page 2
    • water damage restoration marlborough nz => page 2
  • The speed at which this website was indexed by Google (WITHOUT sitemap submission) and the fact that it was ranking well for a wide variety of local keywords is due to a number of elements:

    • the domain name was NOT brand new - it was about 2 years and 3 months old,
    • the old 3-page website had been indexed by Google previously,
    • the new website is well-optimized to be found by search engines,
    • the new website has relevant, quality content on each page.

    It's a great pleasure to see how well this Marketing Website is performing and we look forward to getting continued good reports about the new business it is bringing to our client.