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  • iBeFound Website Design Division specialises in the creation of Marketing Websites. Please click on any of the following articles to learn more.

  • Why Love Our Marketing Websites

    On our homepage we state... It's Time for YOU to Leverage the Popularity of Online Search to Gain More Exposure, Get More Business & Generate Cash Flow! and we encourage you to... Start with a Branded, Well-Optimised Website linked to a domain [...]

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    Marketing Website Features

    We offer the following types of Marketing Websites to accommodate the varying needs of our clients. Hover over each box below for a brief description to help you determine which Marketing Website is your right fit. For more details on what's included[...]

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    WordPress Web Hosting Options

    In general, a live website consists of a domain name (yearly cost), web hosting (monthly or yearly cost), and website design/development (project-based cost). When it comes to hosting the WordPress Marketing Websites we build, you have two options:[...]

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    Website Design Process

    As business owners ourselves, we understand how precious and valuable your time is. With this in mind, we've streamlined our website design process to get your business' online presence up and running as quickly as possible. Our special approach to [...]

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  • Post-Launch Marketing Website Support

    Consider for a moment the place where you are living. It might be a single-family house, a townhouse, an apartment building, or some other housing structure. At some point in the past, the construction of that housing structure was started. Fast [...]

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    Marketing Website Payment Options

    To make it financially and emotionally easier for you to pay for your desired Marketing Website, we offer the following payment options and methods.This payment option is usually chosen by business owners who are already confident in our abilities [...]

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    Marketing Website Design Options

    Our Marketing Websites are NOT your run-of-the-mill websites! We call them Marketing Websites to emphasize their true purpose - to promote your business 24/7, and we build them with this foremost in mind. Consider the images of the two cars below [...]

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    Understandably, you may have questions, objections and/or concerns that are holding you back from requesting a consultation and moving forward. We want you to make a FULLY-INFORMED decision. So here, we seek to answer various QOCs (questions, [...]

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