• Envision Aluminium Ltd

  • Client Profile

  • CONTACT: Tracy Smith
    PHONE: 03 578 3650
    BUSINESS: Aluminium Joinery

  • PROJECT: Website ReDesign
    WEBSITE: EnvisionAluminium.co.nz

  • Project Background

    Envision Aluminium Ltd was born when Hagley Joinery split into two separate business entities. Employee Steve Smith accepted the opportunity to operate his own business with his wife Tracy Smith as business partner. They were referred to us by a very satisfied client - Chris Jones of The Glassman 2014 Ltd.

    When we began discussions with Steve and Tracy, their current website was about six months old. It had been provided to them by one of their partners/suppliers. So, they had a place to which they could direct people via their business card or the Facebook account.

    However this website was not optimised to be found by search engines. It was not showing on Google under keywords associated with the business. In addition the information on the website was NOT being presented in a way that was appealing and user-friendly.

  • During our first meeting it became clear that they were not happy with their existing website. They were ready to upgrade to a website that would fully reflect their business. A big motivating factor was their desire to become more visible in Google search.

    Seeing examples of the Marketing Websites we'd built for other clients and how these were performing on Google, they decided right then and there to have us build one for them as well.

  • Responsive Website Creation

    Work began on the initial website design around early October 2015. Based on feedback from the showing of the first draft, revisions were made to the design. By mid-October we were ready to move on to the Content phase of the website development.

    This phase of the project proved to be most challenging to Steve and Tracy as they were finding it difficult to gather the necessary content. We worked closely with them providing guidance on what to look for and where to search.

    To assist them, we put our content researcher on the job. He devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to understanding their industry. In the process he gathered a wealth of information that was used to develop the various web pages on the site.

    Envision's website was finally ready for launch on the 9th December, 2015.

  • Post Launch Report

    Just a couple days after the website went live, its pages began showing up in Google's search results. Within two weeks, all pages and images had been indexed.

    Some Google search tests revealed that various pages of the website were showing up on the 1st and 2nd pages of the search results for associated keywords and key phrases.

    Six (6) months later, Envision's website continues to hold steady on the first page of Google for many relevant local search terms and some national ones including:

    • aluminium doors (with blenheim nz or marlborough nz)
    • aluminium joinery (with blenheim nz or marlborough nz)
    • aluminium windows (with blenheim nz or marlborough nz)
    • retrofit double glazing (with blenheim nz or marlborough nz)
    • sectional garage doors (with blenheim nz or marlborough nz)
    • thermalheart technology (with or without nz)