• The Purist – Is It Your Brand Type?

  • The Purist

    As promised in the article, Does YOUR Brand Take a Stand? – the Archetypes, we begin our examination of the 12 character types that brands fall into.

    Our first character type is The Purist. Is this the archetype of your brand?

  • According to Wes Kisting in The Purist Philosophy,

  • Purism is the broad, generic name for the minimalist philosophy which includes the core principles more popularly known as the “ultra light” or “go light” mentality.

    In its purest form (no pun intended), the purist philosophy advocates simplicity and self-reliance as the keys to a safer, more enjoyable, and more meaningful (hence “purer”) encounter with nature.

  • The Purist is also known as the Innocent or the Idealist.

    So, is YOUR brand “wholesome, exemplary, and highly ethical”?
    Does it believe in “being good and doing good”?
    Are its core values “simplicity, purity, health and good simple living”?
    Does it take a stand for what is right?

  • Sayings The Purist Lives By

    These include:

    • “Look at everything through kindly eyes”
    • “Nice guys finish first”
    • “Do the right thing, even when no one is looking”
  • Values The Purist Holds Dear

    A Purist champions values such as:

    • Harmony
    • Peace
    • Simplicity
    • Purity
    • Innocence
    • Honesty
    • Happiness
    • Faith
  • Attitudes The Purist Hates

    A Purist disdains:

    • Deception
    • Discord
    • Complication
    • War
    • Inappropriate Behaviour
  • Qualities in Opposition to The Purist

    These include:

    • Negativity
    • Prejudice
    • Evil
  • The Purist in Personal Brands

    Some well-known personal Purists are:

    • Julie Andrews
    • Mr. Rogers
    • Michael J. Fox
    • Princess Diana
    • Audrey Hepburn

    In doing my research for this series, I wanted to find some everyday people whose personal brands fit the various brand archetypes. Here are a couple examples of personal Purists:

    • Daniel Henderson [read a few of his posts and you’ll see and feel the Purist in him]
    • Matthew and Rachel Prisco [a young married couple who have taken to living a life of minimalism]

    [I would like to add some more everyday personal brands to this list. If you know of any that might fit into this category, please submit your suggestion via the comment section below. I will review them and determine whether or not they make suitable candidates to be added to the list. Thank you in advance.]

  • The Purist in Business Brands

    Some well-known business brands that are Purists include:

    • Disney
    • Dove
    • H2O
    • Make-a-Wish Foundation
    • Sesame Street
    • Brita Water Purifiers
    • Whole Foods

    Here are some more Purist-type businesses:

    • Dr. Alla’s MediMushrooms [a range of highly potent medicinal mushrooms]
    • Non-Scents [a natural green way to remove odours]
    • Ora Ora Resort [luxury health & wellness – eco-spa retreat]
    • Second Image [alternative printer cartridges that work as well as branded ones]
    • TrickleStar [products to help everyday people reduce energy consumption]
  • Time for YOUR input

    • What other well-known people and businesses are Purist brands?
    • As a personal brand, are you a Purist?
    • Business Owners: If YOUR brand is a Purist, please share what makes it so.