• The Pioneer – Is It Your Brand Type?

  • Pioneers are individuals who are dissatisfied with the status quo. Pioneers have a vision of something better beyond their immediate world and ways.

    Pioneers take responsibility for their own lives and futures.

    Pioneers exercise their independent judgment, often in opposition to conventional wisdom, using their ingenuity to come up with new ideas, inventions, innovations, or enterprises.

    Pioneers are risk-takers who have the courage to travel down untrodden paths and into perilous territory to reach their goals. And as a result of their efforts, pioneers make life better and more fulfilling for themselves, and they make the world a better place for the rest of us.

  • The introduction of the book, The Pioneer Spirit: a Texas Story, puts it a little more succinctly…

  • Pioneers are people who prepare the way for others. This can be in anything–in charting new lands or developing new inventions. It can be in sports, politics, ideas, or business. Pioneers don’t have to have been first–but they are the ones that others followed.

  • Other names the Pioneer is known by include the Explorer, the Seeker or the Generalist.

    So, is YOUR brand an “individualist, adventurist”?
    Does it believe in “blazing his own trail in pursuit of freedom”?
    Are its core values “fostering discovery”?
    Does it take a stand for living life to the fullest?

  • Sayings The Pioneer Lives By

    These include:

    • “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”
    • “The journey is more important than the destination”
    • “Because it’s there”
  • Values The Pioneer Holds Dear

    A Pioneer champions values such as:

    • Exploration
    • Freedom
    • Adventure
    • Independence
    • Experimentation
    • Self-reliance
    • Ambition
    • Challenge
    • Bravery
    • Confidence
  • Attitudes The Pioneer Hates

    A Pioneer disdains:

    • Boundaries
    • Boredom
    • Limitations
    • Stagnation
  • Qualities in Opposition to The Pioneer

    These include:

    • Conformity
    • Avoidance
    • Complacency
  • The Pioneer in Personal Brands

    Some well-known personal Pioneers are:

    • Amelia Earhart
    • Christopher Columbus
    • Billy Jean King
    • Stephen Hawking

    Some everyday people who are personal Pioneers:

    Felix Starck [11,184 miles, 365 days, 22 countries, 4 continents, 1 epic adventure]
    Heidi Henry [vegan, adventure-seeker, traveler, and lover of the outdoors]
    Tamkara Adun [trail blazing spouse living in Holland]

  • The Pioneer in Business Brands

    Some well-known business brands that are Pioneers include:

    • Groupon
    • Trader Joe’s
    • North Face
    • Jeep
    • The Discovery Channel

    Here are some more Pioneer-type businesses:

    • Adventure Media Group [communicating the stories of adventure athletes, brands and destinations]
    • Pack & Send [Australia’s leading provider of packaging supplies and courier services]

    [I would like to add 3 more businesses, preferably small to mid-sized, to this list. If you know of any that might fit into this category, please submit your suggestion via the comment section below. I will review them and determine whether or not they make suitable candidates to be added to the list. Thank you in advance.]

  • Time for YOUR input

    • What other well-known people and businesses are Pioneer brands?
    • As a personal brand, are you a Pioneer?
    • Business Owners: If YOUR brand is a Pioneer, please share what makes it so?